The DogePunk are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike,At the same time, if you have DogePunk NFT, you can claim Punk Token for free. Punk Token is the DAO governance token. We want more people to own Punk NFT at a cheap price and make Punk Token more distributed to the community.You might think it's a joke, but don't forget DOGE came from a joke too


How much is the minting price?

100 Doge per 1 NFT (excluding gas fees)

single mint maximum value?

Single MINT≤ 30 ,but you can Mint multiple times

Where to claim Punk Token?

After your Mint is completed, Punk Token will be sent directly back to your wallet address

Are there any secondary markets ?

Waiting for doge chain to appear NFT exchange

About Punk Token?

Punk Token Buy Taxes 0% , Sell 9% (liquidity 5% marketing 2% burn 2%). Punk Token is the DAO governance token of DogePunk. In the future,We will create sandbox games and buy houses with Punk Token

Punk Token Contract address ?


What is the total amount of Punk Token?

100 billion = 100,000,000,000

How are Punk Token allocated?

45% airdrop to DogePunk NFT holders, 0.5% airdrop to Free Mint DogePunk NFT holders, 20% airdrop to Doge community, 22.75% to add liquidity, 6.75% to Staking , 5% to team

How much Punk Token can NFT claim?

1 DogePunk NFT can claim 5,000,000 Punk Token. If you own more NFTs, you can also claim more


  • Building DogePunkswap, yes, our own swap
  • After starting Mint, Complete all mint, add 50% of the total sales to the liquidity pool
  • List DogePunkNFT exchanges
  • Open the page of Staking Punk Token